It wasn’t on a whim that Freeman+Leonard decided to call our consultants “Game Changers™.” Because when a Game Changer™ is sitting on the other side of your desk, get ready for a whole new level of strategic leadership. We’ve built a network of experts—including some of the sharpest marketing and advertising minds in the country—to meet the strategic needs of corporate marketers.

What’s more, Game Changers have proven themselves in C-Suites and in the trenches. Game Changers are advisers, yes. But they are also implementers of that advice. They combine deep industry knowledge with functional expertise to manage brands and brand portfolios and optimize the effectiveness of positioning, messaging, reach and spending.

Game Changers also work with clients on agency search, contractual and compensation arrangements, change management and executive leadership coaching.

Our consulting practice is made up of experienced, accomplished leaders, ideal for high-end corporate engagements that demand strategic thinking, client collaboration and strong business- and brand-building solutions.