What kind of clients work with Freeman+Leonard? Global and local. Big and small. B2C and B2B.

They all knew they needed to do something very different to meet their marketing challenges and Freeman+Leonard was able to provide them with the best solution for their needs.  Click on the logos and see for yourself.


Marketing Communications: American Heart Association


The American Heart Association needed help developing strategy and direction, collateral and sales materials for CPR Anytime – a program that teaches employees, students and medical professionals the core skills of CPR in 22 minutes.


AHA’s internal marketing services department did not have the bandwidth to take on a new project. MODA’s low-overhead business model fit their need for powerful work on demand.


MODA had the right talent and skills from account service, project management and creative to market these important life-saving programs.



Spanning the Globe: Archon


Archon is the real estate division of Goldman Sachs, with offices in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Due to acquisition and growth, the company operated under different brand names and with various graphic treatments from country to country. The assignment required developing a brand strategy reflecting a more cohesive, consistent architecture to competitively position the company globally.


MODA readily offered a team of Brand Strategists, handpicked for relevant international experience, who could work effectively with Archon’s offices around the world.


MODA Brand Strategists administered a comprehensive Brand Audit by interviewing executives and staff from across the network. They conducted a brand workshop with the company’s global executive team, delivering a brand essence, and architecture that crystallized Archon’s shared corporate values, culture, icons and communications.


Global Brand Advertising: Baker Hughes


This global leader in high-tech products and solutions for the oil and gas industry had re-organized from seven distinct, branded, consolidated companies into a single company: Baker Hughes. How should they introduce this brand as a serious player in the competitive global marketplace?


Though with limited resources, Baker Hughes didn’t want to be limited creatively. MODA delivered expertise and quality for this introductory project, which was all that the client required.


Our senior-level creative team, experienced in oil and gas, recommended departure from the “landscape with oil rig” photography typical of the category and created a fresh approach that reflected a dynamic, new entry in the industry.



Big Idea and Branding: Borden No Ordinary Milk


After several years of silence, iconic dairy brand Borden decided to reintroduce their flagship brand to moms who believe all milk is, well, milk. This required a new positioning and advertising, and Borden wasn’t happy with the efforts of their AOR.


We competed against Borden’s roster agencies with a single, senior-level, CPG-experienced advertising team to articulate the new positioning and upon approval, execute the advertising.


MODA brought this idea to the table—“The day you have ordinary kids, we’ll make ordinary milk”. The client loved it. With that, we won the advertising assignment and brought the idea to life with :30 TV, radio and print.

:30 TV "No Ordinary Milk"


Out-of-Scope Resource: Brinker Maggiano’s


For Brinker Maggiano’s full-service agency, projects outside the Scope Of Work became a low priority and expensive for the client. Such was the case with a promotional project requiring on-premises materials molto rapidamente.


Reviewing the specs for the assignment, we knew we could respond quickly, creatively and affordably.


MODA A-Teamers jumped on the project and delivered smart, elegant creative solutions on a very tight schedule. And at a fraction of agency cost. That’s a solution any client will find appetizing.


Central National Bank


Taking Wine Online: Brown-Forman


Sonoma-Cutrer® Wines, part of the Brown-Forman portfolio of companies, is the top-selling premium Chardonnay in the U.S. Still, they wanted to develop an online presence through their own website, social sites and other digital content to lead more consumers to buy on-premises, off-premises and through their Club Cutrer® Wine Club.


Sonoma-Cutrer needed expertise in Digital Strategy while facing a very tight deadline.  MODA could deploy the A-Team expertise needed and turn the project more quickly than could their AOR.


We began with brand and marketplace audits, which led to a brand positioning and e-commerce strategy that drove Sonoma-Cutrer direct-to-consumer sales through the wine company’s website. We also implemented a social media campaign via Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, which increased awareness and consumer engagement and led to incremental wine club sales. 


Giving New Focus to a Category Leader: Essilor


Essilor is a global supplier of lenses for the optometry industry. Acknowledging the new “patient as consumer” focus in healthcare, Essilor sought emotional insights to better address the needs of these patients, through both the laboratory channel and retail.


We built our team to fit the task, tapping Brand Planners specializing in the emotional insights of consumers, which was the expertise Essilor sought.


MODA Brand Planners identified insights and opportunities for Essilor to better serve their customers in the laboratory channel. Another MODA team has approached the consumer channel to impact the retail experience with Essilor products.


New Product Introduction: La Creme


In an already-crowded category, and with limited dollars, dairy icon Borden wanted introductory advertising for La Crème, the first-ever all-dairy flavored coffee creamer.


MODA proposed forming a brand advertising team for La Crème with experienced talent who could do everything from brand positioning and strategy to the Big Idea, producing TV and print to introduce this exciting new product to consumers.


The MODA team asked itself where all of those non-dairy creamers came from. With that question, an advertising idea was born. And the answer? Non-dairy cows, of course. And who would want to drink milk from that?

:30 TV "Faux Farms"


Big Idea and Promotion: Mooyah


Mooyah, one of America’s fastest-growing fast-casual franchise chains, was experiencing increased competition and needed a unique, “ownable” brand-building promotion to drive trial and repeat purchase.


With a limited budget, MOOYAH sought creative talent who had done promotions in the category, could move quickly, and deliver a lot of bang for the buck. We were able to offer the creative director responsible for “McDonald’s Monopoly” and they jumped at the chance to work with us.


HowDoYa Mooyah Sweepstakes promotion was born with a comprehensive marketing package including TV/radio, digital and POS.  The promotion boasted franchisee participation, and increased Mooyah’s awareness, traffic, and, most important, sales goals.

Sweepstakes Promotion


Positioning and Messaging: Texas Instruments


Texas Instruments designs and delivers one of the industry’s most sophisticated mobile applications processors—OMAP. Facing competitive pressures, TI required a single, bulleted descriptor for retailer and OEM descriptor cards along with marketing collateral to position OMAP as a superior platform.


TI needed strong tech B2B expertise and positioning firepower. But they didn’t need long-term agency overhead and a long, drawn-out process.  MODA handpicked the right talent—including senior executives with recent Samsung experience—who could hit the ground running.


MODA began with information gathering, conducting interviews with both internal and external audiences and conducting a half-day brand workshop to build a strategic platform to drive creative development.  Next, an executive creative team developed a creative articulation of the brand with a single, pithy statement:

“OMAP. Built Smarter to Work Brilliantly.” 

Environmental Design


Getting on Law Enforcement’s Radar: WatchGuard


WatchGuard, a newcomer to the category, had developed the next generation of in-car video cameras for law enforcement, complete with server-based technology for real-time viewing. WatchGuard needed to reach state and local municipalities with this new product before more established players like Panasonic, Samsung and others beat them to it. Their one-person marketing department needed high-powered help.


No agency could provide as much bang for the buck. No one freelancer could pull all of the communications pieces together.


MODA’s team developed positioning, messaging, packaging, sales support materials, a website, internal introduction and training materials, trade show materials and advertising to successfully launch the product. All in just six months. (And we feel safer already.)