It’s one thing for a new idea to work on paper.
It’s another entirely for it to work in the real world.

Well, MODA works in the real world for real-world reasons.

Let’s start with the people. MODA brings you professionals experienced with big brands, big agencies and big ideas. You get an “A-Team” on every project—an experience rarer by the day for many agency clients. You also get talent handpicked for experience and skills appropriate for your assignment, not people shoehorned into your project. And the work is managed by sophisticated project management systems and seasoned agency executives—in fact, President Kathy Leonard has led multiple Omnicom agencies.

Then, there’s the real-world challenge of doing more with less.

Remember that earlier part about big brands and big ideas? Well, with on-demand MODA, you get that without big overhead. Instead, you get the expertise you need—when you need it—and not when you don’t. Our structure is flexible, too—no long-term commitment is necessary and we’re just as pleased to work with you on a project basis as we are full-service. So, we can work with you to complement an existing agency relationship, fill gaps when you have staff on vacation, or simply handle overflow work.