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Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills


How Do You Hire In This Market?

  1. Look inside your own company. Be aware of employees with visible passion – those who come in every day with a smile and great energy. When you ask the candidate why he/she is interviewing with your company, look for visible passion. The candidate may not know how you do things, but he/she may be excited about what you do. This is the key, and the rest can be taught.
  2. When you are interviewing a candidate, ask the questions, “What have you taught yourself to do?” and “How did you learn to do it?” By asking these questions, you now know what they love and how they learn.

How Do You Retain In This Market?

  1. Set up mentoring programs and teach mentees how to make it worthwhile for themselves. For employees at any career stage, having both a mentor and advocate in the organization makes for good cultural connections as well as sound career advice.
  2. Invest in training that teaches the basics of the job to build confidence and productivity. Soft skills training also helps to develop more productive and valuable employees.

Remember, this market calls for creative thinking regarding hiring, on boarding and training, so take the time to examine your current processes to better meet today’s demands, and your new hire may end up staying for many years.