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In This Tight Market, Is the Talent Ready?


As companies are transferring more internal functions to technology and digitally based solutions, the fear that jobs will be replaced by Artificial Intelligence has actually not been realized. Employers are creating new jobs and most of these are positions in software, design, analytics, and other digitally enabled roles.

Interestingly, most of these jobs, demand soft skills, not just technical or hard skills. A study by Bloomberg and Workday finds that college graduates are not bringing enough technical OR soft skills to the job market (only 35% of employers feel grads are sufficiently ready). So, while there are a lot of jobs open, there is an increasingly wide gap between the jobs being created and the skills and experiences in the workforce to fill them.

This creates stress among hiring managers, stress among HR teams, and stress among CEOs. The 2018 Conference Board CEO study found that “failure to attract and retain top talent” is now the No. 1 issue on the minds of CEOs, even more important than competition or the disruptive nature of technology!