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Reinventing the Digital Playbook


Ivonne Kinser, Head of Digital Marketing at Avocados from Mexico, joined us for our last Social Media Breakfast and gave great advice on “Reinventing the Digital Playbook.” Avocados from Mexico is a startup marketing company of five years created to increase demand for avocados. In the past year alone, demand for avocados has increased by over 13 percent in terms of share of market (compared to other fruits). This year, Avocados from Mexico participated in the Super Bowl with a television ad, and they participated in the Digital Super Bowl. Kinser described it as “a gigantic conversation” and told us there is a method to the madness of digital media.

Before creating a digital ad campaign, it is important to develop a marketing concept to carry through all platforms to be used (e.g., digital, print, tv). You should have a consistent message that connects each aspect of the campaign and a theme that keeps it intact. Kinser warned us not to “customize or edit your TV spot for Digital.” It’s important to come up with individual ads that suit each digital platform. Be sure to consider the different ways the digital interface successfully reaches an audience and create your ad around engagement and interaction unique to each platform.

Digital marketing can be extremely useful in reaching all different corners of a wider audience. Many platforms allow for multiple touch-points on one screen or in one ad. “You have so many options,” Kinser says. “You can engage anyone digitally.” From a change in tone to a change in types of interactivity, it’s customizable. For example, Avocados from Mexico included a page on their site with many dogs and for each dog clicked on, something different came up. For some it was a satirical newscast from The Onion; for others it was a minigame.

Kinser is also a big advocate of partnerships. Avocados from Mexico paired with a non-profit that places dogs with the right home, brands, and influencers to get the right mix of coverage across the digital landscape. Though engaging the services with a celebrity can be time consuming and expensive, Kinser mentioned finding ways to connect can be a huge plus and push your campaign further together. Influencers and Brand Ambassadors are a good fit for social media. Their endorsements are often paid for but, when strategically used, they pay off well. Influencers will be similar to celebrities. They are a little more expensive and are usually popular with the public as well as online. Brand Ambassadors are like the average social media user, but a little more polished and successful with a public following. With more of a specialized following, Brand Ambassadors can really help you target specific parts of an audience. Sometimes brands and people pay you to be associated with them, and sometimes you pay them. It just depends on where you are and in what market. It is imperative, however, that you check your formula for success and make sure you have the right mix of every aspect.

Because digital marketing has so many moving parts, Kinser insists that a Head of Digital Marketing is necessary to create and execute a successful campaign. “Social media is just one of seven [focuses in digital marketing],” she says, “and Instagram is just one of five [social media platforms].” With a Head of Marketing, you have someone overseeing the project, assigning roles, and making sure the content and message stay consistent. Working under Kinser are the heads of five departments: Social Media, Media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Analytics and Web Development. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and paid search are the responsibility of the Head of SEM, while a few other varied categories are assigned as needed. Kinser credits this structure for the digital success of Avocados from Mexico and calls it their “secret sauce.”

Kinser declares Avocados from Mexico “won the digital super bowl.” But how does one measure this success? So many databases and news sources track engagement and compile data from across the digital landscape. Ultimately, you must decide whether you were successful. It’s important to set realistic and measurable goals for yourself and your team. Says Kinser, “It is only a win when it is by your own terms.”